Monday, August 31, 2009

malibu part2

couldnt sleep, got on the road around 530a.m.,  headed north on the pacific coast highway.  made my usual u-turn and park the trusty rental car.  i walked down about 50 yards, so i could see the break from the sidewalk.  to my dismay, it was small, but rideable.  i watched it break a couple sets, and i finally headed out when i saw the one and only surfer catch a decent ride.  it was a middle age women who was on a mission, constantly looking at her watch and looking for the next ride.  i surfed for 2 hours, and within that time, i caught great little rides (probably knee to waist high).  by the time i got out of the water, there were 6 total surfers, if you want to call them that.  but i give them all credit, they paddled out in full suits, waited for a knee high wave, and probably had just as much fun as i did.  

in the afternoon, we ate lunch in beverly hills, with some relatives, and then wandered over to hollywood blvd.  both places were very surreal and very busy.  not my cup of tea.  

later on we traveled to venice beach and checked out mollusk surf shop.  very cool shop.  not alot of junk on sale, and all nice original items.  we then walked the venice strip, and i dont even know where to start with that place.  i guess the only adjective is "chaos".  

tomorrow we head to long beach to check in with shelter surf and then to newport to see dave at almond.  i will let you know how the day goes....

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