Wednesday, March 25, 2009

nicaragua nights

lights went out for a couple of hours, we decided to have a fire on the beach.

keith decided to try to take these picks with the shutter open. the pic turned out great, the writing is actually with a hot stick from the fire, and it took about 30 seconds. this shot was probably the 20th shot, i thought it turned out pretty cool. if you notice, the stars were insane that night.

Monday, March 23, 2009


these are some of the features of the suits

suit inside out, showing the hollow yarn

couple of key features

product pics

here is a little peek of the wetsuit line

mesh front, hollow yarn (fleece) chest and upper legs, glued and blind stitched, yamamoto rubber, batwing, smooth skin seals, metal ykk zipper, logo always changing
sizes: s m l lt xl

same as full, but with short arms for even more freedom
sizes: s m l lt xl

long sleeves for extra warmth, short legs for warmer water, glued and blind stitched, batwing, yamamoto, hollow yarn chest and upper legs, metal ykk zipper
sizes: s m l lt xl

farmer john, back metal ykk zip, mesh front with fleece chest, glued and blind stitched, melco tape reinforcments, yamamoto, full stretch
sizes s m l lt xl

same as the farmer john, but with short legs
sizes: s m l xl

2mm chest with fleece on the inside, 1mm arms and back for flexability, yamamoto, metal ykk zip, smooth skin seals

sizes: s m l xl 2x

the vest for ultimate freedom and little bit of warmth, alot of protection
sizes: s m l xl 2x

part 2 nica

the south swell cam in at 4 ft and 18 seconds with 10mph offshore winds. the wind was offshore everday. got up early, and here is what it looked like

all in all a pretty good day, alot of waves and sun
all pics by keith novosel

part 1 nicaragua

escential wetsuits went to nicaragua for 10 days. lucky for us, a south swell hit. it was a great trip, nice weather, and offshore winds everyday.

we started in playa maderas, and stayed at a hostel called parque maderas. nice place and cool people. the walk was about 200 yards to the break, but it was a dirt road on an extreme hill.

parque maderas

playa maderas (look at the left)

we were there for 3 days, and we left to go north and meet up with the rest of the party.

the trip up north took 2 hours, and the drive was eye opening.

lone tree


the drive

all pics by keith novosel, the "one" and "only" for escential