Tuesday, July 28, 2009


the wetsuit business is a very interesting one. we are dealing with a product that about 70% of the consumers are not educated on the product they are buying. we are going to have another little information session. in an earlier post, i discussed the different "types" of neoprene. yamamoto has different grades of neoprene within their product offering. escential uses #39, which is one down from the top, #45. there are ups and downs with any decision you make with wetsuit manufacturing. we chose 39 for a couple of reasons. the first is that it is a warmer material than the 45. with that decision, we compromised a little weight, because the 39 is a touch heavier than the 45. second, 39 is a stronger material, but we compromised the stretch of the 45. there isn't a "stretch" material on the market better than the 45. lastly, the 39 is a more cost efficient material than the 45. well that depends on if cost is important to you as a wetsuit buyer. so, if i haven't completely confused you yet, escential will be looking into offering a #45 suit, but we don't want to risk the chance of the suit falling completely apart, or not being very warm, or being way too expensive. we will keep you posted on the progress.

on another note, we are looking into changing the fulls, l/s springs, and s/s fulls to all fabric. therefore, the suits will not have mesh on the chest. with this change, there is an added stitch to the outside of the chest panel. the suit will have a different look, but a lot more strength. the ladies line will be all fabric as well.

the neck will also be changed. we have decided to lighten up the material used on the neck. it wont be as thick, for more comfort, and it wont effect the flush prevention.

lastly, the stripes are going to be moved to the left sleeve (like the front zip jacket). this design change will only be for the fulls, l/s springs, and s/s fulls. the stripes will stay on the chest for the farmer john, short john and vest.

if i confused you in any way, don't be scared to email us at
info@es-cent-ial.com and give us some feedback.

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