Thursday, July 16, 2009

escential traveler

faz just traveled across the country in his truck to spread the escential word (pun intended). here is some of his writings and pics, enjoy:

found happiness, now in search for waves

july 12th, 2009
thought that I would take a picture of the few essentials and some food I’d be taking along the way

july 13th, 2009
i am well prepared for my solo journey across the country. there was a beautiful sunrise in florida as i took off. my thoughts were mixed but they were definitely in the rear view of my mind
spent twelve hours on the road, and ended up in some dumpy town outside of houston, so thankful I don’t live here. the thought of taking shots of all the “welcome” signs crossed my mind, and then I realized that such an activity was highly popular amongst women. my theory was confirmed as I left a rest area in texas, there were two attractive women posing for a picture underneath the sign.
my plan is to reach el paso and maybe beyond tomorrow.

July 14th, 2009
woke up early and got some coffee, this was the sight at first light…
houston wasn’t completely forsaken. i was fortunate to pick up a classic paul simon cd that increased morale.
i cruised through the gnarliest part of texas at noon, there is nothing out there save the little bit of soul that passed through tagged on to the back of my trusty toyota
the desert seems to have an influence on your conscience. though i was flying through in a pretty trust vehicle, humbling thoughts susceptibility were flowing.
el paso reminds me of san jose, costa rica. but it’s that brand new flava
i stopped in new mexico. i was hoping to see the stars but it was cloudy.

July 15th, 2009
i am going to make my ascent into cali today. if all goes as planned i’ll be there before sun dizz
new mexico and arizona were crazy. the heat was so intense and the landscape was so uneventful. non-the-less beautiful. i’ve concluded that your relationship to the Son is what brings beauty. i saw an awesome sunset and sunrise in new mexico
ok man, the escential train has arrived in cali. i am going to be the only kook in the water tomorrow just grinding all over the place

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